Question Answer
Are debit card surcharges legal in California? Legal experts say that debit card surcharges are legal in California, but there are certain restrictions that businesses must follow. Merchants are only allowed to impose surcharges on credit card transactions, not on debit card transactions.
Is chameleon tint legal in Florida? Chameleon tint is not legal in Florida. The state’s laws prohibit the use of any aftermarket material that alters the color or reflectivity of a vehicle’s windows, including chameleon tint.
Is Fannie Mae a Fortune 500 company? Yes, Fannie Mae is included in the Fortune 500 list. It is the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) that is publicly traded and is the largest source of funding for home mortgages in the United States.
What is the Black Law Association? The Black Law Association is an organization that aims to empower minority legal professionals and provide support and resources for their professional development.
Is property taxes included in escrow? Property taxes are often included in escrow. When you have an escrow account, you make monthly payments into it and the lender uses that money to pay your property taxes and homeowner’s insurance when they’re due.
How can I reschedule a court date? Legal tips and advice suggest that you should contact the court as soon as possible to request a new date and provide a valid reason for needing the change. It’s important to follow the proper procedures and guidelines set by the court.
What are the legal working hours in the USA? Legal working hours in the USA generally do not exceed 40 hours per week for most workers. However, there are overtime laws and regulations that determine how much an employer must pay employees who work more than the standard hours.
What are health and safety agreements? Health and safety agreements are legal documents that regulate the conditions in the workplace to ensure the well-being of employees. They include compliance tips and guidelines to help businesses adhere to safety and health regulations.
When was the drink driving law introduced? The drink driving law was first introduced in the early 20th century. It has undergone several amendments and changes over the years to address issues of public safety and DUI prevention.
What is the IBEW Local 11 sound and communication agreement? The IBEW Local 11 sound and communication agreement governs the terms and conditions for workers in the electrical industry. It outlines the rights, benefits, and working conditions for employees covered by the agreement.