A successful board meeting, whether http://digitalboardarea.net it is either in person or remotely, requires careful planning and attentiveness. It’s also essential to establish a productive culture for your meetings that allows your attendees engage in healthy debate and provide fresh ideas.

The board chair should preside at your board meetings. This is usually the president or manager of the community association. In each item on the agenda, give each member of the board an opportunity to state their views, ask questions or raise concerns, and then take votes to decide the outcome of each item. This will prevent confusion down the road about what was discussed, decided upon and then ratified by the boardroom.

Be clear about the goal of Each Item

Include a brief explanation of the purpose of each item on the agenda. This will help avoid confusion or wasting time. It’s also helpful to add a check box for each item indicating whether it’s meant to provide information, inform or reach a conclusion.

Don’t rush to make a decision

Many boards feel they need to take a quick decision to reassure homeowners who are displeased or to avoid dragging an issue out that could be resolved. This only causes your community and your board to be delayed. Besides, rushed decisions are usually poorly executed and usually lack the expertise of experts.

At least once a year Examine Your Meetings

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